Friday, December 3, 2010

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza says yes to Apple iPad powered by Yes 4G

YTL Communications, December 2, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR - Yes, the Fastest Mobil

e Internet Service with Voice, today welcomes Malaysia's most loved celebrity Datuk Siti Nurhaliza to the Yes flagship store as one of the many customers who have chosen to pair the amazing usability of their brand new Apple iPads and 4G flexibility, performance and mobility of the Yes Huddle mobile WiFi router (MiFi).

Upon collecting her iPad and Yes Huddle, Datuk Siti said, the iPad is a great device and for the device to live up to its potential, it needs amazing connectivity. With Yes being able to deliver speeds five times faster than 3G, I can finally use my iPad to its full potential.

When asked if Datuk Siti will be using the iPad frequently she replied, of course, it is such a versatile device. I can use it to catch up on my work and also use it to wind down after a busy day. Now that my iPad is powered by Yes 4G with five times the speed of 3G, there is so much more I can use the iPad for. I can see myself watching more videos, downloading more songs, uploading more pictures, sending out more emails and spending more time surfing the Internet with my iPad and Yes 4G.

Datuk Siti also said that mobile broadband performance is very important to her because she is always on the move and needs to get a lot done. Because she has a production company as well, she needs a good mobile broadband connection to be able to view large video and pic

ture files quickly while on the move. With Yes delivering up to five times the speed of 3G, Datuk Siti can be more productive while at the same time be mobile without any contracts or additional costs.

With the Yes Huddle Malaysia's first 4G MiFi (WiMAX in WiFI out) device and the Yes 4G mobile network, iPad users can realise the full potential of the iPad. The Yes Huddle connects today's WiFi devices to the 4G future. With the Yes Huddle up to five devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod can connect to the Yes 4G network via WiFi giving the user access to 4G mobile speeds five times faster than 3G even when in a moving vehicle, all with just one account.

Effectively, with the Yes Huddle, users get a 4G powered iPad cheaper than 3G, at 3 - 5 times the speed.

The Yes Huddle costs RM399 outright and when combined with the cost of an iPad with WiFi, is still RM50 cheaper than getting an iPad with 3G and WiFi.

In conjunction with the official iPad launch in Malaysia, Yes is giving a good reason for customers to power their iPads with Yes. Customers save RM50 on their Yes ID activation when they purchase the Yes Huddle and the Apple iPad at the iPad showcase located at the Yes flagship store, Lot 10 shopping centre from now until December 31. In addition, customers who s

ign-up for the Yes ID from today until December 19 get 10GB data usage for free all at a very low monthly minimum usage of RM30.